Grupo Sicnova is a 3D technology company (3D printing and 3D scanning) specialized in giving solutions for its clients in order to improve product development, manufacturing and quality control processes.


Currently we provide the distribution of some of the main brands worldwide in 3D sector, exclusively for areas like Spain, European countries and Latin America. On the other hand we develop 3D printing and 3D scanning technology with our own patents.


At the present day Grupo Sicnova is divided into two key branches: distribution channels  for selling 3D products and services, and an own R&D Department.



Commercialization lines


Grupo Sicnova has three commercial channels, each one of them aimed to different kinds of customers with different needs. 


Professional 3D printers for the industrial sector.  It’s an authorized official reseller of 3D Sytems and it also sells Sicnova’s own products.


This unit is specialized in 3D scanners for dimensional quality control of the production and reverse engineering. It distributes some of the main brands in the sector, like Aicon Breuckmann, Kreon Technologies, Mantis Vision and LMI Technologies.


Tr3sDland is specialized in desktop 3D printers and handheld 3D scanners. It works with the best worldwide brands for each kind of additive manufacturing technology, after a previous product test: Ultimaker, B9Creations, Markforged, Blueprinter, Mcor, etc.

Research and Development


The Research and Development department at Grupo Sicnova consist of a high skilled team of 8 engineers and technical staff, who work to create new solutions currently unavailable in the market.


The activity is focused in two fields of application:

  1. Development of 3D printing technology.
    • Manufacturing of 3D printers with our own technology.
    • Research  and creation of new materials for 3D printing.
  2. Tailor-made solutions based on 3D scanners.
    • Hardware manufacturing and automatization of 3D digitalization processes  based on structured light, infrared and laser technologies for multipurpose and multiresolution 3D scanners.
    • Software development for 3D data handling for applications such as automatic filling, detection and correction of mesh singularities, detection of geometric features, object measuring and comparison with CAD models.
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