A decade of experience in the 3D sector

Sicnova Group has achieved a wide experience in the field of 3D technologies after almost a decade of history, in such a changing and challenging environment where can find new advances every day. We’ve been constantly learning and growing throughout all this time to give our customers the best solutions.


Sicnova Group history

Our history began in 2007, when Sicnova got the distribution of Zcorp for the Spanish market. When this company was acquired by 3D Systems (the company co-founded by Chuck Hull, the “father” of 3D printing) Sicnova 3D became authorized reseller of this prestigious multinational company.


As the company grew up, a national network of industrial delegations of Sicnova 3D was created in several Spanish cities, in order to serve as selling points of professional 3D hardware and to offer technical support to customers. But it was in 2014 when Sicnova took a definitive step ahead when it acquired LaserScan, created the brand Tr3sDland and its store network in Spain, and the R&D Department of Grupo Sicnova, as well.


Instalaciones Grupo Sicnova

This R&D Department started to bear fruit in 2015 with the creation and commercialization of Sicnova’s first two own products: the industrial FFF 3D printer JCR 1000 and the automated 3D body scanner CloneScan 3D. Last year the company also moved from Jaén (Andalusia) to Scientific-Technologic Campus of Linares, a unique innovative environment which enables an active cooperation between the University of Jaén, technological centers and tech start-ups.


In 2016 we’ve seen the opening of the 10th Tr3sDland store in Spain. Grupo Sicnova is at the present time a well-established company which seeks to expand into new international markets, following a solid strategy.

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