Agreement with CATEC centre for the development of aerospace solutions

Sicnova Group and the Advanced Center of Aerospace Technologies have reached an agreement to develop new applications and advanced production solutions for aeronautic sector, based on additive manufacturing. The agreement includes the acquisition of a JCR 1000 3D printer, developed and manufactured by Sicnova Group, with which the different researches will be carried out.

JCR 1000 is an industrial grade 3D printer with large build volume (1000 x 600 x 600 mm) based on FDM/FFF technology (filament fusion). It features a new patent pending development which allows manufacturing with two different materials at the same time with just one nozzle. It makes JCR 1000 a world reference among the 3D printers of its class. It also features a heated bed with closed environment and controlled temperature, which allows using a wide variety of technical materials for the aeronautic sector.

CATEC is an advanced Technology Centre which helps to improve the competitiveness of aerospace companies. It’s backed by the Andalusian Foundation for Aerospacial Development (FADA), which is a unique private centre in Spain because of its technical capabilities and a staff with more than 65 specialists and technicians. After nine years of trajectory it has become one of the most active technological centres that work with national and European R6D projects, and more specifically those related to additive manufacturing.